05.22 min - Video by Sarah Michelle Riisager - Sound by Jesper Nørbæk

Cheetah takes you on an audio-visual hunt where attraction and repulsion become entangled in a systemic arrangement of sound and Internet footage. With layered visual compositions a structure emerges that points to the act of “not seeing” in the midst of seeing - that a narrowing of vision is necessary to focus. But this system is only to be broken by the apparent not homogeneous selection of subjects depicted. As the video unfolds the sound guides and reacts conveying a sense of unsettling rest.

Cheetah is a plethora of screenshots, images, video and sound. Surfing the deep web I have collected, ordered and putted together video clips from the Internet to create my own view of the world. Among other things, a watermelon getting cut into a flower, an Iphone getting smashed by a hammer, an exploding dead whale, thousand of swimmers in the ocean, white cats with different eye colours, girl fight, a dismembered frog, Brazilian waxing. This is interleaved with footage of my hands embracing, destroying and collecting various objects on colourful backgrounds. The clips are a mixture of the beauty, the absurdity and the repulsive reality you find in life.