Memories From Outer Space is a project that goes exploring in a metaphysical universe and hovers in the space between the real world and private imaginative universe. It's where you zoom out and look at the world from the outside – across the surface of the world – up in the atmosphere – out of the outer space. Then you zoom all the way into the core of the Earth where you explore the colours, the light and the surfaces very close.

The work is an attempt to understand the present rather than making predictions about the future. I’m like an external observer, a kind of ‘alien’, who investigates and depicts our world from a new angel. I work with emotions and speculations you find when you look at the world. I tear apart artificial and real fragments and put them back together in an attempt to reflect on things that we cannot describe or define. I want to make my subject matter organic, so we can look at the beauty in the unsettled.