2013-2016 The Glasgow School of Art, (BA) Hons in Fine Art Photography
2011-2013 Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography 

2019 Frozen, FLOW Photofest, Inverness (UK)
2019 Girl, published by Disko Bay, Copenhagen (DK)

2019 The Danish Arts Foundation 2018 DJFotografernes Ophavsretsfond
2017 The Jill Todd Photographic Award, 2nd place
2017 The Danish Arts Foundation
2017 Grosserer L. F. Foghts Foundation
2017 DJFotografernes Ophavsretsfond

2019 Girl, Ungt Rum, Copenhagen (DK) 2018 CryC4 Projects, Copenhagen (DK)
2018 Pige, Galleri 1,4 m3, Copenhagen (DK)
2017 Frozen, Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen (DK)
2016 Memories From Outer Space, Degree Show, The Tontine Building, Glasgow (UK)
2015 Between Before, Vess Showroom, Copenhagen (DK)

2019 Out Of You, Mercado Central, Rota, (ES) 2018 The Jill Todd Photographic Award, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow (UK) 2017 The Jill Todd Photographic Award, Summerhall, Edinburgh (UK)
2017 Samsurium, Kulturgeneratoren, Copenhagen (DK)
2017 NV LIVE LAB, Kiosk 93, Copenhagen (DK)
2017 Frozen, A Space For Photography, during Les Rencontres de la Photographie and Voies Off, Arles (FR)
2017 The Censored Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (DK)
2017 Young Danish Photography, Four Boxes Gallery, Skive (DK)
2016 Fuse, Project Space, Glasgow (UK)
2016 Young Danish Photography, The Centre of Photography, Copenhagen (DK)
2016 Davre, Vess Showroom, Copenhagen (DK)
2016 Beyond The Camera, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, (CHN)
2016 Process 2.0, Festival Center, Krakow (PL)
2016 An Exhibition About Space, Skypark, Glasgow (UK)
2016 Salon, Glasgow Aye Open House Festival, Glasgow (UK)
2016 Fine Art Appreciation Event, The White Space, Glasgow (UK)
2015 An Exhibition About Space, The White Space, Glasgow (UK)
2015 The Censored Autumn Exhibition, Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (DK)
2015 MAX A5, Gallery TYS, Copenhagen (DK)
2015 Not From Concentrate, The Fleming House, Glasgow (UK)
2015 Fokus Video Art Festival, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen (DK)
2015 Video Screening, CCA, Glasgow (UK)
2014 The 5th Annual CCNY Zine & Self-Published Photo Book Fair, Foley Gallery, New York (USA)
2014 Magnum Photos Workshop, Bryghuset, Copenhagen Photo Festival (DK)
2014 Book Show, CCA, Glasgow (UK)
2014 Entropy, Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow (UK)
2013 Fatamorgana Summer, Galleri Krebsen, Copenhagen Photo Festival (DK)
2013 Fatamorgana Winter, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen (DK)
2012 Fatamorgana Summer, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen Photo Festival (DK)
2012 Fatamorgana Winter, Gallopperiet, Copenhagen (DK)

2016 Broken Unicorns and Black Rain, edited by Sarah Michelle Riisager
2014 Clouds, edited by Sarah Michelle Riisager
2013 En Gang Imellem, edited by Sarah Michelle Riisager

2018 The Year – Copenhagen 2018, published by Blankt Papir, Copenhagen (DK) 2018 Juxtapoz Magazine Summer 2018
2018 Subbacultcha Summer Issue 12
2017 Frozen, edited by Sarah Michelle Riisager, published by Brothas
2017 The Censored Spring Exhibition MMXVII Catalogue
2016 Young Danish Photography Catalogue
2016 The Bedroom Diaries, edited by Molly Dearie, self published
2016 Girls Registry, edited by Matilde Søes, published by Forlaget Fatamorgana
2016 Der Greif #9, edited by Leon Kirchlechner and Simon Karlstetter
2015 The Censored Autumn Exhibition Catalogue
2015 Et Dieu Crea La Femme, edited by Tine Bek
2014 Subbacultcha Magazine 2014

2019 Phroom Magazine, Frozen 2018 I DO ART, Cry 2018 The Propager, Frozen
2018 Life Force Magazine, Frozen
2018 The Juxtapoz Magazine, Frozen
2018 I DO ART, Girl
2018 Self Publish, Be Happy, Frozen
2017 I DO ART, Frozen
2017 ATLAS, Frozen
2017 FP MAG, A Space For Photography
2017 Girls Are Awesome, Frozen
2017 My Pleasure, Interview
2016 VINK KBH, Ung Dansk Fotografi '16
2016 Girls Are Awesome, Roskilde Festival
2016 Girls Are Awesome, Roskilde Festival
2016 Girls Are Awesome, Roskilde Festival   
2016 Der Greif, A Process 2.0
2015 ATLAS, Barndomsminder på print
2015 Mull It Over, Interview
2014 Bitchslap Mag, Trailerpark Festival - day 3
2014 Bitchslap Mag, Trailerpark Festival - day 2
2014 Bitchslap Mag, Trailerpark Festival day 1
2014 Subbacultcha, Photo Essay - Lust For Youth 

2019 Two months residency at Pinea-Linea De Costa, Rota (ES) 2016-2017 Photographer Assistant to Jacob Aue Sobol